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Low density aggregate or cellular foam is added to Portland cement and then poured directly onto an existing deck, or over an existing roof system. EPS “Holey Board” is laid on top to add R Value, and then covered with more lightweight concrete.


  • Acts as a strong permanent substrate for modified bitumen or single ply membranes
  • Dramatically improved fire resistance
  • Positive and easily customizable slope-to-drain eliminates drainage issues – and the need for costly tapered insulation systems
  • Typically eliminates the need for future roof insulation tears offs and the potential for additional damage during reroofing
  • Pouring Lightweight Insulating Concrete over an existing roofing assembly may eliminate the need for labor-intensive tear-off
  • Substantially improved thermal insulation values for the entire lifespan of the building
  • Economical, saving both time and money

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