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Texas Roof Management INC’s integrated, in-house sheet metal shop provides the appropriate sheet metal solution choices to align with your roofing needs and budget. Utilizing our in-house sheet metal team to complete the “all important” details of your new roof ensures a professional finish to your roof investment.  Our sheet metal work is not subcontracted, allowing us to control the functional and aesthetic aspects of the project details.

In addition to providing the trim, gutters and downspouts for your new mod-bit, single ply, or built-up roof, the Texas Roof Management INC sheet metal team can also design, develop and install a metal roof or metal wall panel plan specific to your needs. A metal roof, when installed by Texas Roof Management Inc trained professionals, is not only a tested value, but a beautiful way to set your building apart. Let the Texas Roof Management INC sheet metal shop make that happen for you!

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