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An Award Winning Project at Park Place on Turtle Creek

In August of 2018, the Texas Roof Management team completed the re-roof of Park Place on Turtle Creek. Park Place on Turtle Creek is a 14 story high rise (235 ft. tall) office building on Turtle Creek Boulevard in Uptown Dallas, TX. The main roof is a very steep standing seam metal roof on a 12” to 12” slope.

Our job was to remove the existing metal roof and install a new 20 Year Petersen Tight Lock Plus Mechanical Seam Roof system. Access to the roof area was difficult, due to the building’s location and neighboring buildings, so we used a helicopter to lift the metal sheets onto the scaffolding. This was an extremely difficult project, and safety was our main concern. Working on such a steep structure meant that our crews had to be tied-off 100% of the time. Additionally, while the helicopter lifted materials onto the roof, we made sure that everything from hard hats to scaffolding was properly secured. As always, our full time Safety Director provided a safe and secure work space throughout the entirety of the project by conducting daily harness inspections and weekly safety audits.Commercial Roofing

Besides having to work off a 12/12 slope, our crew was tasked with finding a way to incorporate the penetrations caused by a cat walk on the peak of the roof.

The cat walk was installed several years after the building was built, and the cat walk’s support legs utilized angle irons welded to the structure below. With 168 angle iron penetrations, finding a flashing solution to be incorporated into the requirements for a 20-year systems warranty proved difficult. The metal roof panels had to be carefully cut around the angle iron penetration and sealed, each penetration was then flashed to the metal panel using a PMMA flashing and fleece. The ridge cap was installed per the manufacturer’s detail and then a metal pan was constructed and filled with pourable sealer. Once all this was completed, a metal cap was installed over the metal box. Each penetration was flashed three times per penetration. Redundancy was the key to properly flashing the angle iron in order to provide a leak-free roofing system.

Our team was able to complete all this work within the high standard set by ourselves, Petersen Metal, and Childress Engineering to provide the building owner a roof system that will last well over the 20-year warranty. Despite the challenges that this project entailed, we were able to complete this project on time and within budget— our use of a helicopter saved the customer over $100,000 dollars by the end of the project!

In February of 2019, the North Texas Roofing Contractors Association awarded Texas Roof Management with the Golden Hammer Award for Outstanding Metal Project. We’re proud of this project, and grateful for the opportunity to work with such great customers.

Park Place on Turtle Creek

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