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Texas Roof Management INC One-Stop-Shop for Commercial Roof Life Cycle Management

Commercial roofing systems bear the capability to enable buildings to withstand the vagaries of weather, fortify their structural integrity, and protect against leakages, molds, and insect infestations. Apart from installation, these complex systems require regular inspections, maintenance, and repair services to cover the entire roof life cycle to enhance their longevity and efficiency. Although numerous industry players serve the commercial roofing space, Texas Roof Management INC (TRM) stands tall as a stalwart with 25 years of industry expertise in roof asset management.

“We’re a full-service commercial roofing company that delivers all types of commercial roofs, and is a certified installer of all major roofing manufacturers,” says Mike Cieri, CFO at Texas Roof Management INC.

TRM installs many different roofing systems, including built-up, modified bitumen, single ply, roof coatings, roof recovers, standing seam sheet metal, copper roofs, green roofs, and plaza or terrace decks. TRM’s roofing expertise is further augmented by its in-house sheet metal shop that supplies sheet metals to commercial roofing projects. Services like 24-hour inspection, maintenance, repairs, and installation of roofing systems also add to TRM’s offerings. Additionally, TRM is an authorized installer and inspector of rooftop anchors used by trades to safely “tie off” on multi-story buildings. “We handle roofing projects from start to finish – from initial planning and estimating to project management, all the  way to the delivery of the completed roof and long-term roof warranty,” extols Cieri.

An additional strategic and desired solution is TRM’s lightweight insulating concrete offering. “We’re one of a select group in the US that is certified to install lightweight insulating roofing concrete,” states Cieri. This is an alternative, cost-effective roofing solution where roofing systems can be installed during current supply chain challenges sooner than traditional roofing systems.

Consequently, lightweight insulating roofing concrete has emerged as a go- to-choice for organizations looking to install new roofing systems with minimal interior disturbance, and for those clients desiring to complete their roofing projects sooner in these supply chain challenged times.

With an array of different roofing solutions, TRM has a diverse set of successful roofing projects spanning public and private buildings across the state of Texas and the southwest US. The firm’s high-end roofing projects comprise educational campuses, medical offices, government buildings, industrial buildings, data centers, and high-rise office buildings. These completed projects include the likes of the copper dome on the recently completed bell tower at the iconic Old Parkland Business Campus in Dallas, installations at various historic Dallas Fair Park buildings, the revamped City of Dallas Old Municipal Building that became the University of North Texas School of Law, and the Ector County Coliseum. TRM also reroofed the entire complex at St Mark’s School of Texas after the devastating tornado that hit North Dallas in October 2019. “We were able to make all their buildings watertight within three days, in preparation for a major rain-storm that came four days after the tornado occurred,” remarks Cieri. Texas roof asset management assistance, and roof maintenance planning. Furthermore, TRM views commercial roofing contracts as ongoing relationships, which form the basis of a holistic company culture that values high integrity and quality customer service. This approach is recognized in the industry with various personal and company awards. In 2020, Catherine Awtrey, TRM owner and CEO was awarded the Industry Leader of the Year by the North Texas Roofing Contractors Association. TRM’s exemplary performance in the roofing industry has earned it 16 Golden Hammers from North Texas Roofing Contractors Association, while its safety-first approach has made it the Platinum level safety award winner from Midwest Roofing Contractors Association for the last five years.

Going forward in 2022, TRM will continue to expand on its comprehensive roofing solutions, including lightweight insulating roofing concrete. TRM will also seek to enhance their clients’ understanding of their roofing systems, and perform necessary repairs to keep the systems watertight, thereby prolonging the roofs’ lifespan. TRM will continue to conduct routine inspections, servicing, and maintenance of the installed roofing systems to ensure their optimal performance. “We see a roof as a long-term asset for which we want to be involved with our clients throughout its life cycle,” Cieri concludes.


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